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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Small Class Size

Subbed again and the class was about a third smaller. I think it was because of the snafu that occurred last week: the coordinator thought I was teaching, but I didn't know I was. I suspect class ended up getting cancelled. Oops.

Worse still, I couldn't find my R11 CD this morning. For once, I didn't make a backup and was worried that I had left it at the Sequoia Y on Thursday. I resorted to my R14 CD. I looked at the choreography rounds and I couldn't figure out the combos for the life of me. It was like reading Greek. And I've taught this round before! Egad. I resorted to using R11 choreography with R14 music. Technically a big no-no but I had no choice. Plus none of the participants knew that's what I'm doing. Good think Turbo Kick is all 32-count.

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