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Saturday, April 17, 2004

If At First You Don't Succeed...

After my disastrous attempt at subbing an advanced step class, I didn't think I could ever show my face there again. I was completely traumatized. But since I was subbing the cardio kickboxing class that followed today, I thought I'd face my demons and try the class as a participant.

Unfortunately, I arrived 10 minutes after class started so the instructor had already taught the first 32-count combo. There was this one move that I never managed to get, because I missed the breakdown and partly because I couldn't understand what he was saying (he has a strong foreign accent). I heard him say "two basic" (and that was what he was saying) but he did some move that went over the top of the bench so I assumed it was a revolving door. But the move after that was a revolving door (although he called it "over the top") so I was pretty confused. My fault for being late.

The music was so fast that I was constant fear of mis-stepping and twisting my ankle. But even that was okay compared to the fact that he still starts stepping on the 2nd beat (the upbeat) of the 32-count phrase. Actually, I'm not even sure that it's 32-count music. It drives me nuts because it forces me to count every step. But I stuck with it, and learned a lot: he uses some great choreography to create a tapless routine.

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