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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Copying Choreography

I went back to the advanced step class. This time, I arrived on time and learned all the choreography from the top. Turns out that the "two basic" step I was confused about last time turned out to be a "split basic" (some people call it "shooters"), but you pivot as you do the "up, up" part to lunge off the front of your step such that you are facing the back of the room, and then pivot again to exit home. Very interesting move that I may try in my next intermediate/advanced step class.

There were some really innovative steps there, like the one called "Madonna" that is an option for a 7-count repeater. The vast of the majority of participants are regulars and they picked up everything very easily. It may be because that it's the same routine since he first started teaching this class in January/February 2003. I took the first two classes he taught, and most of the moves are very familiar. I thought the participants would be bored but they seem to enjoy the predictability of the routine. Food for thought: I no longer feel pressured to change my routine so often. I ended up copying down the entire routine, partly to get idea, and partly so that I can sub this class in the future if necessary. Even so, I probably should have done it in a more inconspicuous way, and perhaps asked for permission first.

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