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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Stepping at Stonestown Again

I'm back to my regular Saturday rotation at the Stonestown Y. There were lots of new faces today, but only one new stepper. I was worried about her, but she was surrounded by a lot of regulars and was in good hands. I also went around to learn some participants' names.

You'd think I'd have come up with about a dozen new combos while I was recuperating from surgery, but no. Not even one. I used the same routine from last time. It went over well but I'll come up with a new combo for next time.

Since I was going to teach another class an hour later, I only used one riser on each side. At the end of class, during the stretching portion, I noticed that the belt I used for holding the headset receiver had fallen around my hips, exposing my scar. That's when I told the class why I was out for the past few weeks. I heard some gasps and "Are you okay?" from the crowd. I reassured everybody that I was fine.

It's so nice to be teaching again, especially to thoughtful participants who care.

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