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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Sullen Kickboxing Participants

I dreaded teaching this class. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy teaching cardio kickboxing, but the participants at this facility freak me out. They're not outright hostile, but they're difficult to read and I don't know how to act. They don't appear terribly excited to see me. They just look at me.

I dunno. Maybe I'm too self conscious. It's a very large class (over 20 participants) which is motivating for most instructors. I had aspirations of taking it over permanently early last year when I first started teaching. Then I realized I would have to give me every Saturday morning... and give up weekend races? No way! Not that the coordinator would have chosen me anyway, but I'm glad that the class was eventually taken over by a friend of mine, Karen, who's a great instructor.

I didn't recognize over half of the participants in that class. I usually ask for a show of hands of who's taken my class before, but I didn't even bother this time. I think my crappy attitude comes from the fact that some people complained to the coordinator that my music was too fast. It's 138 bpm. It's actually an acceptable speed for cardio kickboxing, but it may have seemed because because of the choreography. I pitched the music down this time, and dumbed the routine down. It seemed to work better.

D suggests that I stop subbing for this particular class since it's stressing me out so much. I think I'll take his advice.

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