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Friday, March 19, 2004

Chicago Marathon Training Almost Begins!

D & I will run the Chicago marathon this year. He downloaded a training schedule and input it into his Outlook calendar. He says he won't have the discipline to run enough otherwise. He also emailed me the schedule in Excel format. It says that I should have started training over a month ago. Great.

Not to state the obvious but there is a LOT of running involved to train for a marathon! It's not so much the distances required (you only do one long run per week), but the frequency: you're supposed to run most days of the week.

As you can imagine, training for a century (100-mile bike ride) is similar - you're supposed to cycle most days of the week. I want to do both this year, but I'm not sure how I can simultaneously cycle most days of the week, and run most days of the week. I guess I can do bricks (run and cycle on the same day), but I don't want to spend hours training each night. I'm cool with 1-1:30 but that's about it. I still want some semblance of a life outside of exercise!

As a compromise, each week I'm going to spend two days running, two days a week cycling and one day teaching kickboxing. I should probably throw in another day of running or cycling somewhere but I'll play it by ear.

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