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Sunday, March 14, 2004

First Successful Post-Op Run

Last week's failed attempt at running was one thing, but the excruciating abdominal pains that came a couple of days later was another and truly worrisome. It was a combination of both incision pain, and also internal pain at the spot where part of my small intestine was removed. I don't even know whether the pain was related to the "exercise", but I rested for the rest of week as a precaution.

Today was my second attempt at running. Nothing crazy - I just wanted to get to the Farmer's Market in the ferry terminal. I took it easy, took small steps, and bumbled along Embarcadero. It was slow going, and at a relaxing jogging pace. Even still, I felt limited by my significantly reduced lung capacity. I caught myself chest breathing a few times, and made a conscious effort to breather deeper from my belly. I was also challenged by the way my body felt. It was as if my intestines were all stuck together and were coated by lead. I suspect it's all the scar tissue below the incision.

I'm proud to report that I made it all the way to the ferry terminal, albeit it at a snail's pace. I'd like to say it was at a 14-15 min/mile pace but even that's probably a generous estimate. The important thing is that I got there without stopping to walk. Meanwhile, D had powered on to do a 6-mile run... I can't wait to be able to do that again.

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