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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Back to Cardio Kickboxing

I was back teaching my cardio kickboxing class today. My participants were excited to see me back, and I was encouraged by their enthusiasm. I was a little worried at whether I'd be able to do the class, so I pitched the music down a smidge just in case. I picked up where I left off in my last class and did Round 11.

It felt great to be moving around again, although my movement felt a little restricted during a few segments. I still did two Turbos and the Finale section as choreographed. Well almost as choreographed. It occurred to me while watching the choreography DVD that the two sides of the Finale are not symmetrical. There are 17 32-count combos altogether in that section. I can't remember the breakdown exactly, but ~8 phrases are used to work on one side of the body, ~4 phrases are used as a transition (bob and weave, shuffles, etc.) and then the remaining ~5 are used to work on the ohter side of the body. To even things out, I used 8 phrases to work on one side of the body, only 1 phrase to transition and then 8 phrases to work on the other side. As a result, the moves are not quite synchronized with the music buildup (even though I stay on the 32-count), but that's less important than making sure both sides of the body are balanced.

I did quite well and only had trouble during the abs section. I can feel some residual incision pain when I roll all the way up. I struggled to do most of the section along with the class until I realized that I should get up and walk around to supervise instead.

Overall, I was very pleased with my performance. I'll be back to my regular training in no time!

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