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Saturday, January 03, 2004

Happy New Year!

I've worked out only once since my last posting on 12/21/03. My family was in town over the holidays for MY WEDDING (yay!) so I made a point to have dinner with them every night so I didn't get a chance to hit the gym. The one time I was organized enough to sneak in a run was on Christmas morning. D & I did a brief 4-mile run. I was still suffering from my Ailment which didn't make it very enjoyable.

Today marks the first day of training in 2004. I started off the year with a bang: I taught a 7:30AM step class and then did Becky's 8:30AM indoor cycling class. Step went reasonably well. Class wasn't full - there were about four steps left over - which was surprising since I thought everybody would come in droves as part of their New Year's resolution to work out more.

I'm beginning to worry that I'm using too complex choreography; while there are definitely some participants who can do everything, I don't want to make it so hard as to intimidate beginner and intermediate steppers. I asked Margaret about this, and she pointed out that there are plenty of other beginner and intermediate classes on weekdays, and that it's reasonable to have a slightly more difficult class on Saturday mornings.

Nothing of note during indoor cycling today other than class was so full that Becky gave her cycle to a participant and just cued the entire class.

Afterward our cardio workout, Margaret & I lifted some weights. I know I'll be feeling it tomorrow.

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