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Sunday, December 21, 2003

Becky's Class Again

Went to Becky's class again, and as promised, she brought me a gift: a Stonestown Y lunch bag with lining to keep contents hot/cold, and sourdough bread in the form of a snowman from Boudoin Bakery! Yummy! I was so grateful to get it, especially since I'm only a sub instructor.

I had a lot of trouble clipping in with my left foot today. Try as I might, I couldn't get my cleat in. I finally looked at the sole of my shoe, and noticed that the cleat was twisted! I think I wrenched it while clipping out yesterday: I was so jammed in that I had to reach down and use my hands to twist my foot. I didn't have an allen key to realign my cleats, so I had to cycle with one foot strapped in.

I like Becky's class, and I told her that I'm certified and would like to mentor with her. She said that as soon as I'm ready, I can teach one of her classes, and she'll sit at the back to observe. I'm targeting early February.

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