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Sunday, January 04, 2004

Music Piracy

I'm delighted when people read my blog and email me about it. But I was shocked and dismayed when "Instructor X" emailed me after he/she read my Turbo Kick review webpage and asked to pirate my music! I don't even know where to start as to why I thought this was in such bad taste. I'm postig the entire email exchange below in chronological order. Instructor X's comments are in maroon, mine are green:

I liked your page on TKB
I want to get the music for round 12 - 15.
Do you have this music.
If so, would you consider a burn swap of other music.
Instructor X

Glad you liked my TKB web page. I do have the music for R12-15 but I don't feel comfortable burning copies aside for personal use (backup purposes).


I thought this would be the end of the story, but for some reason I get a follow up email. Am I paranoid, or does this sound like entrapment?

I feel perfectly comfortable with it. Are you sure? I have some really good kickbox music I could give you in return. No names/No problem
Instructor X

Who are you? I don't like corresponding with people I don't know.

well, since burning is not totally accepted by all people , I don't want to divulge my personal info. But just suffice it to say that I'm an instructor and I just want some new music. Rounds 12 - 15 to be exact! No names needed. I'd just send you some music and you'd send me some music. I'll send first if you request. Perfectly safe.
Instructor X

OK, so this person knows who I am but is unwilling to divulge their own info. If it's perfectly safe, why don't they come out and say who they are? Can anybody say "Nigerian Scam" three times quickly?

Well you already know my name which is why I ask. Plus I'm not even sure you're a TK instructor.

I know your name but I have no idea who you are and that is fine with me. I really am a TK instructor. I have rounds 1 - 11 & 16. I'm just wanting to complete my set. I don't need video ...just music is all I desire. Rounds 12 - 15. I am a TKB instructor but I also do Tae Bo and other types in my class. I've taught for over 3 years. I just love the TKB music and I'd like to have more of it for the new year. I have some really awesome kickbox music from other companies and if you like, I'll burn and send you copies. I'd really enjoy having the TKB music in return.
Instructor X

"I really am a TK instructor". Oh! Well, in THAT case... Duh!

You have given me no reason to trust you, not even a token sign of good faith by revealing your name.
As I stated before, I don't burn music for any purpose other than to make backups for myself. You may be comfortable with this, but I am not. I am absolutely, 100%, positively, sure that I don't want to exchange music with you. If you have awesome kickboxing music, email me the titles and I'll buy an original copy if I like it.

If I gave you my name and you trusted me, you wouldn't burn music anyway, right? This is perfectly fine, I just thought you might be interested. No reason for bad feelings. I do this all the time with people that are cool with it. If you are not comfortable that is fine. I'm sorry to offend you, I just thought you may be interested and you kept asking me questions and I answered them.
Instructor X

Followed immediately by another email:

Also, I just wanted to tell you that it's only an effort to save a bit of money. I will buy my own originals too and I have spend much money with TKB. But I can't keep spending $50 plus dollars for every round. I think that is really too much money. Including my cert costs and CCEs, I've spent over $1500 for the honor of teaching TKB. My feeling is that that is way to much money. I don't end up making anything for all my work and investment. Anyway, that's just how I feel. Maybe you should put these concerns on your web page because I know hundereds of instructors that feel exactly as I do about this. Instuctor XYo

I didn't take any offense, but you are correct. I would not have sent you material even if you had given me your name, but I thought you would tell me anyway out of simple curtesy. I felt like I was being set up when I first told you I didn't want to exchange music and you followed up with an email asking me if I was sure since you were comfortable with it.
Trust me - I understand that you're just trying to save money. I agree that $50/round is too much which is why I won't buy any new ones without a significant discount - it's the same reason why I bought the "Elite 11" so I could stock up @ $16/round. I thought I put that on my webpage but I'll revisit it and update to reflect these concerns as required.
If you would like to continue being TK certified, my understanding is that you'll need to buy at least 2 rounds every 2 years anyway? Somebody told me that they dropped the requirement of actually attending a workshop in person because they're not offered everywhere just yet.
No hard feelings. Best of luck with your teaching.

P.S. I may post this email thread in my blog because I find it fascinating. The intent is not to turn you in or anything so I won't put your email address anywhere in case somebody can recognize you from it.

Posting my email is perfectly fine with me but I would appreciate keeping the email address private. I don't know about the elite 11, I'll go back to your site to see if it is mentioned. I didn't see it on the TKB site. Thanks for your time and info.
Instructor X

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