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Monday, December 15, 2003

Kickboxing Sub for Carolyn

I subbed Carolyn's cardio kickboxing class at Page Mill Y today. I taught Round 13 and rediscovered that it's really hard introducing Turbo Kick (TK) to a group that is used to cardio kickboxing drills.

Part of the problem was that I didn't use a microphone. I tried using the headset they provided but there was lot of feedback. I think the participants had trouble hearing me without it. In retrospect, I should have polled the class to give them a choice.

Technical issues aside, I'm going to try two things the next time I teach TK to a non-TK crowd:

  • Pitch down the music slightly. TK is 138bpm and maybe ~135bpm is more appropriate -- it's the speed of my other kickboxing music (like "Work This!")
  • Add more transitions. People generally didn't have trouble with the Part A of each TK section because I was able to preview the basic layer while they were doing jumping jacks, speed ball, whatever. Part B is trickier because there's no similar transition. I warned participants of the changes that were coming up but I think they couldn't visualize the moves without seeing it first.

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