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Sunday, November 09, 2003

Two Successful Step Classes

I taught two step classes at Palo Alto today (basic & advanced). I usually use different choreography for each class, but I took a flyer and used the advanced step choreography for the basic step class with pitched down music (124-126 bpm?). I also made a special effort to break down the moves thoroughly. They all got it. Thank goodness. There was one girl who didn't catch on as quickly, but she stuck with the class. Good for her.

I pitched the music up a wee bit faster for the advanced class and that class went swimmingly as well. I was so frightened by my Class From Hell experience that I spent a long time that whole week memorizing the choreography and figuring out how to break everything down without going off the 32-count or using a holding patterns. I practised cueing in the car to TK music (I figure if I can cue at 138 bpm, I can easily cue at 128-132 bpm) and did the steps while waiting for the train etc.

I prepared three 64-count self-reversing combos, but I only had time to do two because I did two intervals including "knee-tapout" (curtesy of Margaret). I also walked around during the interval to motivate the troops. People would work harder when I came by. It's funny because I used do the same thing when I'm a participant in somebody else's class.

Some people thanked me after class which was nice. The only "thing to do better for next time" feedback I got was to use the term "shooters" instead of "split basic" because that's what the other instructors do. I'll happily make that switch.

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