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Monday, October 20, 2003

I'm Sinking Again

Tonight's workout:

  • Warm up
  • 6x 100M: Drill 25M out, swim 25M return.
  • 6x 175M: Build first 75M from 85% to 95%, last 100M recovery at 75%
  • 300M kick (I did about 150M)
  • 300M pull (I did about 150M)

I'm starting to exhale as soon as my face is in the water, as opposed to just before taking a breath. The idea is to empty my lungs as much as possible just before refilling, so I get as much oxygen as possible each time I inhale. Unfortunately, it's distracting hearing all those bubbles, making it that much harder to concentrate and focus.

My swimming has regressed again. I could actually feel my legs sinking, especially when I turn to breathe on my left. I've also lost the ability to do fist drills. When I close my hands, I'm using all my effort to stay afloat, instead of moving forward. I wonder if it's because I'm exhaling that much more so there's less air in my lungs to keep me buoyant.

Instead of swimming at Stanford tomorrow, I'm going to practice Total Immersion drills at the Palo Alto YMCA pool. There's no point pushing myself to swim farther and faster now that my stroke has come apart.

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