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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Low Class Numbers

My cardio kickboxing numbers have been dwindling. I was up to to 10-12 participants at one point, but only three people showed up to class today.

The slow decrease started back in mid-August. I thought it was due to the summer holidays, and that participants were on vacation. I thought it would pick up after Labor Day, but it hasn't. Then I thought it might be related to the swimming pool closure, as the pool has been shut down for over a month now and won't re-open until 10/20/03. Lastly, the yoga class just before mine has moved to Tuesday - I used to get participants from that class.

Enough excuses. Paranoid that people didn't like my class, I emailed the coordinator for feedback/suggestions. Her reply, "The attendance has been low in all the classes. I'm really not sure why. I wouldn't worry about it. We'll just see how it goes."

The worst thing that can happen is that my class will be canceled. I would be disappointed if that happened since I like teaching, but not as devastated as I otherwise would be since I would have an extra day of triathlon training. Triathlon season may be winding down, but I intend to continue my swim/bike/run regimen during the off season.

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