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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Back to Swimming Drills

I was *this* close to not swimming tonight. First I discovered that the pools at both the Palo Alto Family Y and Sequoia Y did not have lap swimming until 8PM. Next I tried Embarcadero Y, only to discover that there was no street parking nearby. Just as I was about to give up, I saw an open spot on a side street and nabbed it.

I haven't swam at Embarcadero Y in a while and I had forgotten how murky the water is compared to the clear waters at Stanford.

I started out with some side bouyancy drills and then went on to front crawl. I also did a bunch of laps with my fists closed. My legs sank no matter how hard I tried to push my chest down. I have a feeling I'm actually jack-knifing my body so while my hips are popping up, I'm probably folding myself in half so that both my head and my feet are still thoroughly submerged underwater. I need to go back to the Total Immersion video to refresh my memory on how I'm supposed to do this.

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