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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Max Meters

"Meterage!" shouted Greg as we left the pool. "Use it in your everyday vocabulary. It WILL make it into the dictionary some day. Y'know, 'meterage', like 'yardage', only in meters."

Yep, that's what we did tonight. Maximum meters. Greg had forgotten to bring a pen with him, so he gave us something easy to remember:

  • Warm up
  • 550M crawl, 2x25M stroke
  • 450M crawl, 2x25M stroke
  • 350M crawl, 2x25M stroke
  • 250M crawl, 2x25M stroke

Today's workout went by really quickly. Usually, when I look at my watch partway through the workout, it's only 7:15PM, with 45 minutes to go. Tonight, it was already 7:45PM after I finished my 450M section!

My big accomplishment of the day was to do flip-turns, something I haven't attempted since 1988. The first few times, I started turning too far out and almost missed the wall. I'm getting progressively better though. I need to make my turns more seamless and without waving my hands. Flip-turns not only look cool, but keep me in my swimming groove and don't give me an opportunity to cheat and rest at the wall.

As great as I felt about tonight's swim, I'm a little concerned about how slow I am. It took me an hour to swim 1100M in a pool. That means it will take me almost half an hour to swim 500M (the Sprint swim distance for Treasure Island). Given that there are no walls to push off in open water, it'll take me even longer. Crap.

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