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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Swimming: 2 of 3

Today's session was led by Paul:

  • Warm up
  • 6x 50M
  • 5x 200M
  • 100's: 50M kick, 50M swim

Paul actually came by to ask how I was doing during the 100's. I told him I don't go anywhere when I kick only, and he said that people are either great kickers, or they're not. He says he's a terrible kicker, even though he swims in the fastest lane. He claims that he struggles to get through the kick exercises ("struggle" being a relative term since I'm sure he's still faster than most). I told him I swim without using my legs and he says that he's the same way. Having said that, he gave me some hints on how to kick more effectively:

  • Place hands above the board to make body more streamlined
  • Kicking motion should be from the hips, with power generation coming from the core
  • Knees are slightly bent
  • Kick just underneath the surface of the water
  • Keep hips lifted

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