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Monday, September 29, 2003

Swimming: 1 of 3 This Week!

Hit the pool again tonight. Our workout:

  • Warm up
  • 3x 500M crawl: After completing what I thought was 2x 500M, I was reminded by my lanemates that I had only done 1 because the pool was organized in 25M lengths!! This took up most of the workout.
  • 6x 50M kicking (crawl kick on the odd, any other kick on the even): My lanemate & collectively agreed to bail after doing 3x.
  • 300M pull: I did quite well and kept up with my lane mate for most of this set.

It's a little embarassing being the slowest person in the slowest lane, but I remind myself to be patient. I'm sure my hard work will eventually pay off. Despite my (lack of) speed, I look forward to each session and have fun when I swim.

I'm starting to recognize other swimmers and enjoy the fact that I'm working out with friends. They know I'm slow, and seem to respect the fact that I'm trying my best. Plus I think it gives them an ego boost that they're faster than at least one other person in the lane!

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