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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Considering Turbo Kick certification

I contacted the El Camino YMCA in Mountain View, CA to see whether they needed a sub for cardio kickboxing. The Health & Fitness Director there, Anne Hartman, was part of the team that certified me for YMCA Group Exercise last year, so it was nice touching base with her again. Turns out they needed somebody for Tuesday, 4/1/03, so I signed up for that. I went to check out the class tonight to see what format the participants are used to.

Turns out that the instructor, Lisa, teaches Turbo Kick. What a coincidence! I was considering Turbo Kick and was in the process of investigating the pros and cons. Some instructors swear by it, but I was worried that it would be too "dancey". After reading a bunch of reviews and attending Lisa's class, I've decided that the style (more "cardio" or more "kickboxing") depends on the instructor. I've even signed up to get regular updates from the "turbokickfanatics" group on Yahoo!Groups. I'm definitely leaning towards getting certified by them just to increase my bag of tricks - next one in the Bay Area is on 4/27/03 in San Jose!

10/29/03 update: I have finally posted my Turbo Kick certification review!

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