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Saturday, March 22, 2003

Breakthrough in teaching!

I've been fortunate in having a patient and inspiring step mentor: Terri Y. She's been assisting me with my cueing and making sure that my routines are intuitive. She's also let me practice by doing the warm-ups in her advanced step class (it's amazing how she can teach the most complex routines). I'm at the point where I have the basics down and I can lead an entire class. Although I consider myself to be competent, I've been working hard to becoming a great instructor.

I've solicited feedback from other veteran instructors (Sue S, Amy G), attended other people's classes (Omar M, Ria Z, Erin, Truth) and have asked for my participants for ideas & suggestions. To me, the hardest part about teaching is being able to motivate participants and maintain a high energy level for the duration of the class. It's taken me a while to get there, but I think I've finally cracked the code! I feel I've had a breakthrough because the class went well and a few people approached me afterwards to let me know that they liked my style. Some of them even asked whether I taught other classes during the week! It was very encouraging.

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