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Sunday, March 30, 2003

2 pairs of socks

I received my RYKÄ Supras and they are, by far, undisputably, the most comfortable pair of athletic shoes I have ever owned. I bought the smallest pair available (size 5.5) and they were a tad big for my tiny feet, so I called RYKÄ customer service to see what I could do. Kim (I think that was her name) suggested that I wear two pairs of socks. She said that a lot of instructors do that and swear by it. I gave it a shot and y'know what? It worked. I'm currently using my black pair for teaching because it matches my oh-so-cool all-black outfits :-). The white pair I bought are still sitting in a box and I have to figure out whether they'll fit with 2 pairs of socks because I was told they are about 1/8" larger than the black ones. I hope I don't have to return them. I may use them for working out inside my apartment... or trade them in for another pair of black ones!

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