This section of my website used to be dedicated to triathlon training, personal race results and certification reviews, like Turbo Kick. I am expanding it to include more generic health & fitness topics. Also, I talk a lot about "D" -- he's my husband (Dave Liu)!

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Labor Day Weekend Workout

I taught cardio kickboxing at Sequoia Y today because both Loida and Ernie were out of town. It's a fun class with about 10 participants. I told them that I usually teach on Thursday evenings so I hope some of them will start coming to my regular class.

Afterwards, I met up with D at the Pacific Athletic Club (PAC) to do some swimming. A small confession: I have not done any swimming since the Treasure Island Triathlon last November. That was nine months ago! It felt good to swim again even though I was rusty. PAC has several pools, including a dedicated 8-lane 25-yard pool for adults only. That's a great idea since it's difficult to swim while kids are just playing and splashing water everywhere.

Both of us were pretty tired, so we only swam a few laps before lazing around on the deck chairs in the hot sun. It reminded us both of our recent trip to O'ahu. It's a slow start to swimming, but a start nonetheless.