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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Memorial Weekend Step

Taught step at Stonestown today. I had a lot on my mind so I was a little off today. Could left when I meant right, pointed to the wrong direction etc. Aiyah.

Last year, when I taught this class for the very first time, I tried confirming with the participants that it was an advanced class. They laughed and replied that they were most certainly *not* advanced steppers! Well fast forward to now, about a year later... these guys have come a long way baby! Light years. They're all step superstars. I threw this weird combo at them that included:

6-count turnstep (6)
Reverse turn (4)
6-count mambo (6)

and they all executed it beautifully on the second try! I stole that move from Terri -- I think she called it a "corkscrew" although I cued the whole thing. This group is so awesome. I'll really miss them when I leave the rotation at the end of June.