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Monday, May 31, 2004

Memorial Weekend Run... Walk

D & I did absolutely nothing for Memorial Day weekend. It was utter bliss. Both of us have been working our little tails off at the office, so this much needed long weekend was a well deserved break for both of us. We rented three DVDs:

  • "The Cooler" - snooze. One of the most mismarketed movies ever. The previous made it look like a comedy, and I think it was... kinda... but it was a little dark and was pretty slow.
  • "Calendar Girls" - funny. The same genre as "The Fully Monty" and "Saving Grace"
  • "Ripley's Game" - great drama. A little slow at times, but John Malkovich is brilliant. Doug Ray Scott is pretty good in it as well.

I didn't really exercise this weekend either. I taught a step class on Saturday. On Sunday, I briefly contemplated doing the Velo Girls Sunday Ride. I even woke up on time without the assistance of my alarm clock, but then decided to sleep in instead since I rarely do that. So on Monday, I decided to get off my rear and go for a run. Yes, you heard me correctly, run!

I wasn't in the mood but convinced myself that I would feel much better once I got my blood pumping. My goal was to go to the aquarium and back. I started off with a light jog and then sped it up a tad. Just as I got to around Teatro Zinzanni, I stopped to walk. I wasn't tired, I wasn't out of breath, I wasn't in pain. I just didn't feel like running. It was the oddest feeling. I've never felt that way before. This happened to me several times and I stopped to walk a total of FIVE TIMES during this run. It was horrible! As you can imagine, this excursion that once took me around 50 minutes took me an hour and a half. I didn't think I could move this slowly, not even on my first run back form surgery.

Boy, I really need to get my butt in gear.

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