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Saturday, April 03, 2004

They Love Me (for now)...

I didn't want to teach kickboxing today. I had already taught a step class, and had an action packed day ahead of me: I was scheduled to go to a baby party at 11AM, a wedding ceremony at 1PM, and then test ride bicycles in the afternoon before attending a wedding reception at 5PM. Oh, and did I mention that the participants at this gym are passive aggressive? I'm convinced they hate me.

Despite making a promise to myself that I wouldn't sub there again, I did it anyway because the regular instructor was out due to surgery, and the planned sub had broken her nose and required 20 stitches. Ouch. I grit my teeth and taught the class in the hopes that it would at least improve my karma.

To my surprise and delight, class was wonderful. The participants were quiet (I'm used to that anyway), but I saw some energetic, focused faces intent on getting a great workout. I think it's because I stuck to the most basic layers of the round (still on R11!) and yelled and screamed a lot. It seems to motivate people. If any of you have stressful jobs, I *highly* recommend cardio kickboxing. All the punching and kicking while hollering "kia" at the top of your lungs is highly cathartic.

To my amazement, after class, several people came up to me to let me know how much they enjoyed the class and asked whether I taught other classes at that location etc. What a difference from last time! Apparently, they've had a number of instructors sub this class for the past few weeks, and "some are better than others". They encouraged me to come back and sub the class. I feel loved again... for now. I never know what to expect.

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