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Saturday, March 27, 2004

I Finished Cinderella 2004!

I successfully completed Cinderella! It's a metric century, which is a 100KM (67 mile) bike ride for women and girls only. I'm so proud of my accomplishment, that I put my extended writeup on a separate page.

I managed to finish this event because the terrain was relatively flat and it was extremely well supported. Finishing has given me a lot more confidence as cyclist, but I'll have to tackle a couple of more metric centuries before I do a *real* century. Contrary to my previous belief, 100 miles is NOT a "hop, skip and a jump" from 67 miles. At my current pace, I would barely even finish in the time alloted. I need much more speed and endurance, especially since the check points are spaced 20-30 miles apart, almost twice the distance of those in Cinderella.

Oh, and although I've been saying this for the past three months, I'm gonna buy a road bike! I don't want to do such a long ride on a mountain bike again. D says he'll get one too (an el cheapo one) so we can ride together. He better not drop me!

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