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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Dino's Class Still as Popular as Ever

I went indoor cycling again today and arrived a couple of minutes before 6:45PM when sign-up for Dino's class began. To my shock and horror, there was a long line already formed in front of the registration area. I didn't think I would make the cutoff. I ended up being Cyclist #22 out of 28. There were only 6 slots left and more people behind me. As I left the desk, I heard the receptionist tell somebody on the phone there 5 spots left and how she couldn't reserve a spot for him.

To my surprise, the class never filled. There were 3 bikes left. I think there's some reverse psychology going on. The caller who asked how many slots were left probably didn't think it was worth his time to come in because he assumed there wouldn't be any spots available by the time he arrived at the gym. But since everybody thought that way, the class never reached max capacity. Interesting.

I took it easy this class, especially since it was 90 minutes long. Partway through class, I heard a loud "thud" and I saw a saddle on the ground. How does one cycle such that one dislodges the saddle?? Weird.

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