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Monday, January 26, 2004

Kickbox Interval Sub

I subbed Kim's Kickbox Interval class today that's supposed to be part cardio and part weights. I did a quick survey at the beginning of class and it seemed that more than half of the participants wanted to do all cardio so that's what I gave 'em!

Ernie is an instructor-in-training, so I asked him do the warm-up. He's already taken the group ex certification and will take the YMCA Martial Arts program shortly. Ernie is currently a little frustrated with his music. He's compiled a CD with his own music, but there are 2-second gaps in between each song.

His warm-up went well overall. I've been talking to him about 32-count phrasing, but I think he's better off focusing on the 8-count for now. I should also make sure that his music is actually 32-count and has a strong beat.

I've started doing the Turbo Kick Finale as choreographed for the last few rounds, but I've been having some trouble with it. First of all, it's not all 32-count. For instance, in R13, there's a part that switches moves after 24 beats which is quite odd and forces me to count. Secondly, during the transition to switch sides, the music builds up over several phrases so it's very difficult to determine when you're supposed to restart the combos. Third, I don't find the Finale as intense as I'd like it to be.

Speaking of intensity, Bonne, one of the regular participants, mentioned that the first "Finale" I did (tap-side kick, knee-side kick, front kick-side kick) was the hardest one I've done to date. So I did that today instead of the R11 Finale. I also credited Bonnie for that great suggestion and she was a little embarrassed about it although I think the other participants enjoyed the fact that the combo made the class more challenging.

It was a really fun class with great people so I'm looking forward to teaching it again next Monday.

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