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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Finally Made it to Dino's Class!

I left the office today at 6:05PM (cursing myself for not leaving ON THE DOT at 6PM) and arrived at El Camino Y at 6:40PM. The sign up sheet hadn't been put out yet but there were already people there who had been waiting since 6:30PM (crazy) to get their names down. I finally successfully snagged myself a bike: I was no. 7 out of 25 available slots. WAHOO! It was like winning the lottery.

Dino taught a kick ass 90-minute class. He usually does a little recovery between songs but warned us that he wouldn't do that this time. It's so much harder without breaks in between. I wore my heartrate monitor for the first time. I didn't know how to use it but there was only one button so I pushed it to start and again to finish. Whenever I looked at it, my heart rate was ~170bpm. I cycled harder when it dropped. Using the basic HR formula, that's 90% max, but I doubt I was working that hard. I should find my resting HR and use the Karvonen formula to get a better estimate.

I noticed that Dino is highly motivating even though he hardly talks during class. I'm going to cut down my verbage during cycle by 50%.

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