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Thursday, September 04, 2003


I was traveling for business this week, and stayed at a hotel with pool access. FYI, guests at the Park Hyatt in Philadelphia, PA (not to be confused with the Hyatt Regency at Penn's Landing) can use the swanky, rocking gym next door that has, amongst other things, a 4-lane 25 meter pool!! I took advantage of this and swam both days I was here.

I become breathless after 2 measly laps which is quite annoying. It's primarily due to my lack of buoyancy on my left side, what Terry Laughlin calls the "vanilla" side. My right side is my "chocolate" side. I'm at the point where I'm extremely relaxed when I'm floating on my back and can travel smoothly and effortlessly across the pool just by kicking gently. I can do the same laying on my right side. When I try balancing on my left however, all the effort I'm putting into kicking goes directly into staying afloat. How can I tell? I don't go anywhere - I'm stuck staring at the same spot at the ceiling!

I know I'm supposed to practice drills to improve my buoyancy but I've been swimming laps lately because Tri for Real is in a week and a half! I have to figure out how to swim 700 yds between now and then. Gulp.

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