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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Pool Incident

Tonight, I subbed Loida's Basic Step & Strengthen class at the Palo Alto Family YMCA. That went well, and despite from suffering from a kink in my neck from poor sleeping posture last night, I decided to go for a swim afterwards since Tri for Real is this weekend.

While I sat at the edge of the pool, deciding which lane to jump into, I saw the lifeguard speak to each swimmer. They all leave. I thought there was an event going on, e.g., swim lessons, so I asked another swimmer what was going on. "Somebody went to the bathroom in the pool," one lady said, "So they're closing the pool." Eew.

As though it wasn't gross enough that somebody had pee'd in the pool, I couldn't figure out how they could tell that somebody had urinated in there unless the culprit fessed up. Then I saw the sign: "Pool closed due to fecal incident". YUCK.

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