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Monday, June 16, 2003

YMCA Indoor Cycling Certification

On Saturday, 6/14/03, I took a certification course to become a YMCA Indoor Cycling Instructor at the Embarcadero YMCA in San Francisco. Sean Dries and Ray Salahuddin taught the 6-hour course which is the same as the Cycle Reebok workshop offered by Reebok University.

I had initial reservations about taking the course because my previous experiences with indoor cycling/spinning weren't that positive. Now I know it's because my bicycle was not adjusted correctly to fit me. So if you are new to this activity and decide to try out a class, make sure that you arrive 15 minutes early so the instructor has time to teach you how to adjust the bicycle, point out where the emergency brake is (and how to use it), etc.

Now that I know how to do it properly, I'm very excited about indoor cycling, and I hope it will help me with my triathlon training. I'm also looking forward to creating my own music compilations and ride profiles. In the meantime, I've bought a pre-mixed cycling CD from Burntrax. Not sure when I'll actually start teaching, but my friend Linda has kindly offered to mentor me. I'll update my teaching schedule when I do.

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