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Monday, May 19, 2003

San Francisco Bay to Breakers!

Hubby (aka Dave) & I ran in the annual San Francisco Bay to Breakers yesterday. We were two of the 50,000 official participants who registered for the event this year. In today's paper, The Examiner reported that 20,000 more joined the race without signing up. Hubby slowed down so we could run together, but pushed me by running just slightly ahead.

While we didn't see as many people in costume this year (we suspect it was because we ran the course and the more colorful participants were in the back), we saw a lot of naked people! As for centipedes, we saw the familiar school of salmon ("swimming upstream", as expected), and groups of Elvis (Elvis'? Elvii??). My favorite centipede was for donor organs - they had the clever slogan "recycle yourself!".

I'm so inspired by finishing the race that I've signed up for the Pacific Sun 10K on Memorial Day, May 26, 2003. I found the information on the Tamalpa Runners' website, which lists races specific to the Bay Area, but online registration was processed through, which has information on races across the country. I'll be checking it out for more events!

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