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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Nabisco Sued over Oreos

According to this article, Stephen Joseph filed a suit against Nabisco to ban Oreos because it contains high levels of trans fat that is "too dangerous for children to eat".

My friend Crystal is the one who first told me about the evils of trans fat, and how it may be even worse for your health than saturated fat. I'm surprised that Nabisco has been singled out in the suit given that it's in most breads, cereals, crackers, biscuits, cookies and other snack foods. Apparently, Mr. Joseph "... targeted Nabisco because as other major snack food sellers reduced the amount of trans fats in their products, Nabisco had not. "

For more information on the evils of trans fat, and links to articles on the subject, visit It's a non-profit corporation based in California whose goal is the "reduction and elimination of trans fats from all food products."

From what I've read, trans fat is partially hydrogenated vegetable oil so margarine and shortening are definite no-no's. Small amounts occur naturally in milk and meat products, but says you can spot the artificial variety found in processed foods, by avoiding those with the words "Hydrogenated", "Partially hydrogenated", "Fractionated" and "Partially fractionated" in the ingredients list. I'm still not sure whether the same thing applies to all partially hydrogenated oils and not just vegetable oil. Specifically, I wonder about fractionated palm kernel oil because there is evidence that it's not that good for you.

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