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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Subbed at Embarcadero YMCA

Seems like I've been teaching all over the Bay Area! I subbed the 6:30AM class at the Embarcadero Y this morning, only because I was attending a conference (RSA) in San Francisco that day. A new instructor taught the warm up and it was her first time teaching. It seems like eons ago when I taught my first class/audition. I can't believe it's been less than half a year. Another noteworthy thing that happened at the Embarcadero Y was that there was a bunch of police tape all over the place when I got there. Turns out that somebody had broken in and had stolen all the computer monitors. Who steals from the YMCA? That's terrible karma. I guess it's an indication of how desperate some people have become in this economy.

Ran on the treadmill in the evening for about 35 minutes. I tried watching TV to help alleviate the monotony, but could really use additional inspiration. I seriously considered purchasing a Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen which holds 20GB of music, until I spoke to somebody who owns one. He's had it for about four months, says the battery life is great, loves it, etc. but said it's not appropriate for running because it uses a hard drive as storage and thus has moving parts which would be damaged easily if shaken a lot. Looks like I'm back to investigating flash memory/solid state devices. I wish they weren't so expensive.

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