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Monday, April 21, 2003

I can run!

I was lamenting to some runner friends regarding my inability to run. They all suggested that I try running outdoors instead of on a treadmill (which gives me motion sickness believe it or not). So tonight, for the first time, I ventured outside to battle gale force winds and pounded the pavement. The first quarter mile was the hardest because I was cold and was seriously debating whether I should just turn around and head back home. I passed by some toasty cafes, and as an incentive to keep going, I promised myself that I would hit each and every one on the way back. Fortunately, I warmed up quickly and developed a steady pace. After about 2 minutes, who do I see running towards me but my husband, who just got back from an 8-mile run. He was a terrific sport and ran with me for 3 miles just to keep me company. He headed home after 3 miles (so he ran a total of 14 miles - crazy!) and I (surprisingly) kept on going.

I ended up running for an hour without stopping. I was mighty impressed with myself! Hubby said I covered about 5 miles. So the good news is, I can run for at least an hour. The bad news is, I'M REALLY SLOW! I think my pace was too comfortable which explains why I wasn't out of breath or very tired at the end of the run. Gotta push myself...

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