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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Rhythmic Step: First Attempt

There's a television channel dedicated to fitness that's appropriately called Fit TV. I watched some segments to get some ideas, and thought they were ho hum. I didn't give it a second thought again until Margaret informed me that they showed Cathe Friedrich videos on that channel. In fact, there was a day filled with nothing but Cathe programming.

I missed it. Rats.

Undaunted, I programmed "Cathe" into my Tivo wishlist, and voila! A list of Cathe shows appeared. I recorded Rhythmic Step and Step Blast, two excellent videos with lots of great choreography. So far, I've spent 1-2 hours watching them and writing down the moves including the breakdown.

I tried teaching some of the Rhythmic Step combos at Stonestown Y today, and it was a wee bit of a disaster. I thought it would be smooth sailing since I was going to follow the same breakdown sequence as Cathe did. After all, all the background folks in her video were able to follow her without any trouble. Of course, I had forgotten that Cathe et. al. made it look flawless because they had probably been practicing those combos and transitions for hours before actually filming. Plus they had the luxury of editing the final product to cut out any mis-steps and miscues. It's a lot harder when you're teaching these steps in real time... And without any practice... And with newer participants in class... Today was just not the day to break out fancy pants material. I went back to a few of my standby combos. Maybe next time.

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