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Thursday, January 22, 2004

TurboKick: Round 11

After promising my participants new choreography for two weeks, I finally busted out Round 11. My participants are awesome. I managed to teach most of the layers and they all got it. As usual, I left out the dancey moves like speedbag-spin-like-a-top and skis. The Recovery was interesting this time. Partway through the combo, you alternate leads. I modified it to stay on the same lead each time so it was easier to follow.

The songs were great, but I'm getting a little tired of the same refrains and choruses. The first time I heard "Put your hands up in the air", I thought it was great, but it's getting old now that it's made an appearance in two other rounds. I wish they'd come up with more original stuff.

Some of the combos are looking a little recycled too, but that's primarily because there's only so many moves in cardio kickboxing (jab, cross, hook, uppercut, knee strikes, kicks), and not an issue unique Turbo Kick itself. If it were up to me to make up my own combos, I would have run out of ideas a lot time ago.

As I left the building to walk towards my car, a couple of teenagers new to my class approached me. They said, "We've decided that you're in great shape! ... FOR YOUR AGE, GRANDMA!" OK, so they didn't say the "for your age, grandma" part, but I think they may have been thinking it :-)

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