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Monday, January 12, 2004

More Clipless Pedal Training Wheels

I found another fellow triathlete in the Bay Area who documents his races: Ray Sidney. This guy is incredible. He completed his first triathlon on May 3, 2003 which was a Half Ironman. He then proceeded to build up to an Ironman four months later on September 7, 2003... crazy!

I emailed Ray to wish him well and congratulate him on his outstanding achievements. He's a modest fellow who says he isn't competitive, but his finish times are mighty impressive. I think he read part of my blog because he suggested an alternative to Nashbar Sneaker Adaptors. Based on feedback from others who have used sneaker adaptors (not necessarily those made by Nashbar), they may be a little [front-to-back] short, so I would end up pushing more with my calves than is ideal. Instead, he said I should also consider a product available at Performance Bike. Unfortunately, the link he sent me didn't work, but I suspect he was referring to the Winwood Instep Pedal Insert, which are toe clip attachments to clipless pedals. They have models available for both Shimano SPD and LOOK.

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