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Saturday, January 17, 2004

I'm Running Again!

A confession: I have not run since Christmas morning. Hubby has been traveling a lot, so in an effort to spend a little more time with him this weekend, we ran this morning for about 6 miles along the Embarcadero.

It was chilly, so I donned my Sugoi MidZero running tights. I think Sugoi is a Canadian company! Yay! My tights are awesome for running cold weather. They're so much better than cotton pants. I never wore spandex before because as my brother says, "Spandex is a privilege, not a right". But I have finally seen the light and understand why it makes such great material for athletic wear: blocks wind, and keeps you warm and dry.

Just before reaching Fisherman's Wharf, a car passed us, stopped, and a guy on the passenger side stuck his head out of the window to wave at us. It was hubby's friend from work (L.A. office), also called David. David was in San Francisco for the long weekend, and was taking his family sight seeing. I commented to D, "This is the first time we've run in a month, and we get spotted. Gives the illusion that we do this all the time!".

It felt great to run and stretch my legs. We went at an easy pace that made it all the more enjoyable. On our way back, we stopped at the Farmer's Market to eat. D hasn't visited since the Market moved to the Ferry Building so I gave him a brief tour. New stores pop each time I go.

We had crab cake sandwiches at the Hayes Street Grill. Yummy. We also gobbled some baked goods from Frog Hollow Farm. I had a scrumptious apple turnover, and D had a delicious risotto. The fruit inside was outstanding. I may start making Saturday morning runs a habit just to treat myself to these snacks afterwards!

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