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Saturday, December 06, 2003

Step and Lifting

Taught step this morning. Introduced a new combo that included a modified "Merry-Go-Round" (curtesy of that went over quite well. I wanted to introduce a second new combo that had a "Round-the-World L-step" and a "Jazzy-L" (also from but it was too much and a few people left. Later, some participants told me that two people of the departees left because they always leave early, and not because of me, but I suspect that the crazy combos had something to do with it as well. That's okay - it's good to push participants and see what their limits are. It's also instructive to see what MY limits are, i.e., learn how to recover from classes that don't go as planned, think on my feet and come up with a "Plan B".

I recounted the story to Margaret and she gave me some helpful feedback: Don't make participants think for more than 35 minutes! People only can only concentrate for so long, especially at 7:30AM on a Saturday morning! Anything that comes after the 35-minute mark should be familiar stuff.

Margaret & I were supposed to do the 8:30AM indoor cycling afterwards but it was jammed packed. The weather sucked so all the roadies stayed indoors to spin instead. I was quite disappointed since I wanted to check out this instructor's class (and potentially have her mentor me to become a future indoor cycling instructor), but c'est la vie.

Instead, we lifted weights. I can't stand lifting. I know it's something I need to do more of, but it's so mind-numbingly boring. It was more tolerable since Margaret was there. She was very helpful in providing me with motivation and pointers on how to improve my form. I think she should be come a Personal Trainer. She's that good.

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