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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Dino's 70-Minute Class

After vegging around the house the last couple of nights, I dragged myself to Dino's indoor cycling class again. Tonight's class was 70 minutes long and consisted of more intervals and sprints.

Dino burns his own CDs for class. He doesn't used any pre-mixed stuff. His music theme this time was classic rock. I'm normally not a fan, but the songs he chose worked well in class. He says it takes him 90 minutes to burn music for a 70-minute class. Now here's an instructor who loves what he does!

Indoor cycling is the one aerobic activity that gets me sweating like no other. After the workout, I noticed that even the front of my legs were sweating! I drank an entire water bottle filled with diluted Gatorade. It was almost enough to last me through the class. I guzzled another half a bottle afterwards. I'll definitely need two for next week.

I've noticed that I push down harder with my right leg than my left when I cycle. In effort to balance out my body, my latest thing is to use my left leg to count rpms and to synchronize it with the music at start of phrases. That helps me focus more on working my left leg as hard as my right one.

Next week's class will be 90 minutes long and will have include more endurance work. I'm already looking forward to it.

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