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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Another 90-Minute Dino Special

Participated in another 90-minute indoor cycling class at Dino's House of Pain (aka El Camino YMCA).

I paid attention to his teaching style since it's one that I'd like to emulate. One of the props he uses is a little blue cow bell. He rings it at the beginning of intervals & sprints so we know when to start pumping. I've also noticed that he keeps a clock nearby so he can time the intervals accurately. This avoids one of my pet peeves - instructors who say "30 more seconds" but then lose track of time.

I tried to ignore the woman cycling next to me because her cadence threw me off. She was cycling about as half as fast as everybody else. In fact, she only had one speed for everything, regardless of whether we were doing sprints, climbs, recovery, whatever. I was tempted to tell her to reduce the resistance on her bike so she could pick up the pace a little. The other strange thing is that she wore cycling shoes, but still used toe straps. I asked her if it was because her cleats didn't fit, and she said that she doesn't have cleats yet - even though she's had the shoes for two years. Strange.

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