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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Running Restart

I've been so focused on swimming that I have neglected my running training. It was nice and warm tonight so I thought it'd be nice to go out for a 6-mile run.

On the way to Fisherman's Wharf, I saw D coming back in the opposite direction. He asked where I was heading to, and I said the aquarium (as opposed to Aquatic Park which is much further). He said he'd wait for me. "Are you sure?" I asked. "It may take me a while." He said it'd be fine and he'd just hang around and stretch.

I went to aquarium and back but didn't see D anywhere. Huh. I had forgotten exactly where I had seen him, so I ran a little further. Still no sign. I went all the way to the Farmer's Market and that's when I knew something was wrong. Maybe I had unknowingly passed him? So I ran 0.5 mile back towards the aquarium, all the while screaming his name while onlookers stared at me. I eventually gave up and went home, all the while worried that he was still out there waiting for me somewhere.

Turns out D had gone home without me because it was cold outside (he was soaked in sweat) and he couldn't remember whether I said I was going to Aquatic Park or Fisherman's Wharf. I can understand why he did that but @#$%>! It would have saved me a lot of worry (and running) had I known. Good thing he made up for it by making me a nice hot bowl of udon with chicken. All was forgiven.

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