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Monday, September 01, 2003

Bailing from Windman 2003!

I had signed up for Windman Triathlon 2003 (Olympic distance), but withdrew. Here's the email I sent to the organizer, Adel Dessouky, with the explanation behind my decision:

I am new at road biking (well, new to biking in general after a 15 year hiatus), and on top of all the regular challenges associated with balancing on two wheels, I am learning how to use clipless pedals. I have not been successful. During a ride this weekend, I fell twice, hurting my right palm and causing three of my fingers to become numb. I have since recovered 95% of the feeling in my fingers and so expect complete recovery, but the experience has made it painfully (pardon the pun) obvious to me that I have no business trying to cycle 25 miles in a triathlon, let alone under windy conditions!
So with regrets, I am withdrawing from the race. I hope to one day ride properly without constant fear of death &/or dismemberment, with the goal of participating in Windman 2004.

I'll post details of the aforementioned fateful ride soon...

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