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Friday, August 29, 2003

I Joined Bay Area Velo Girls!

I was going to wait to see how the Sunday ride went before joining, but I was so excited just by reading the posts on the VeloGirls forum at Yahoo!Groups that I gladly forked over $25 (reduced price for members who join after July 1) to become a Velo Girl immediately!

After I sent in my application form, I received a lovely email from the founder, Lorri Lee Lown. She's a USACycling Expert Coach, ACE-Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Johnny G.-Certified Spinning Instructor. Here's an excerpt:

Repeat after me....."I don't suck at cycling, I don't suck at cycling, I don't suck at cycling!" I read your blog, Lauren, and I completely understand what it's like to be a beginning rider. I teach beginners all the time and I was one myself (we all start out as beginners at some point, right?).
Anyways, welcome to Velo Girls. I'm going to be on Sunday's ride, so make sure to introduce yourself and ride with me, okay?

That single email made my day.

I re-visited the post Lorri read on my blog where I said I suck at cycling, and I realize that I failed to make something obvious there: I never actually rode WITH Fiona and Scott. They were miles ahead of me for 99% of the ride. I only saw them at points where they stopped to wait for me so that I didn't get completely lost. Yeah, I was THAT slow!

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