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Thursday, July 10, 2003

Tri Club Track Session

Last night, I went to my first track session with the tri club at Kezar Stadium. Training was led by Shannon and there were approximately seven participants.

It was freezing at Golden Gate Park! It was misty/foggy, and gale force winds ripped through the stadium. I stupidly wore stretchy aerobic shorts (look like biking shorts without the padding) that I haven't tried on for at least five years. The good news is, they fit. The bad news is, I had forgotten that they were torn so I had these holes in the side where there's a strip of lace. I knew I should have worn my long yoga pants instead...

We started off with some drills:

  • High knees (improve vertical)
  • "Butt kicks"
  • Quick knees (works on the spring in your stride)
  • Heel to toe (calf exercise)
  • "Picking up garbage" (run & lunge)
  • "Lord of the Dance"
  • Leg swings

Afterwards, we alternated running around the track at tempo (85% exertion: a pace you would be able to sustain for a few miles; you can talk, but you wouldn't want to) and various exercises including ab work, jump squats, donkey kicks, push ups, one leg squats.

I was embarrassed to be the slowest person there, but that's why I attended - to increase my speed! It was a challenging workout, but a lot of fun, especially since I met some other tri club members.

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