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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Peninsula YMCA Indoor Group Cycling

I tried the 8PM Indoor Group Cycle class tonight at the Peninsula YMCA in San Mateo. The class was led by Eleanor, a sturdy, no-nonsense Swedish lady who kicked my butt. Her class was excruciatingly hard, but I loved every minute of it. Eleanor wasn't particularly effusive or hyper, but she was hard core and surprisingly motivating nonetheless, referring to us as "team", and providing fantastic imagery to help us visualize the course and what we should be feeling. She also made references to the participants in the Tour de France which was a nice touch.

I'll make a point to be a regular, but wouldn't you know, just as I find a class I love, I discover that the instructor won't be teaching this class between mid-August to Christmas; during that time, Eleanor has EMT training on Tuesday nights. Fortunately, she's working with the group ex director to find a sub who is equally challenging and effective. They recognize that her participants demand tough workouts and require more than just a "basic instructor".

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