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Monday, June 02, 2003

Lake Chabot Trail Challenge - I'm a Winner!

I've noticed that there are a lot of races held in the Bay Area. There's usually at least one every two weeks, but now that summer is here, D (hubby) says that there are going to be even more. Take this Sunday, June 1, 2003. I had planned to do the Golden Gate 10K, but the Lake Chabot Trail Challenge: Half Marathon, 5K & Kids Fun Run was on the same day. Given that D is training for an adventure race which includes a trail run, we opted to do the Lake Chabot race instead. D did the half marathon and I did the 5K, which in retrospect was a VERY WISE DECISION.

If you go to the trail challenge website, you can see the half marathon trail clearly marked. It goes counterclockwise around Lake Chabot with lots of detours and is completely EVIL due to the steep hills. If you look closely, you'll see that the 5K is also marked. It's the little wimpy line that goes clockwise from the same starting point as the half marathon, but you only run the dam and back.

I came in second for my category and got a shiny medal on a red ribbon! YAY! I was absolutely thrilled. Granted, the winners in my category were a lot slower than any other female category but hey, I'll take whatever accolades I can get. According to the official 2003 5K results, my official time was 28:30.0 minutes = 9:12 min/mile. I came in 64 out of 137 overall, and 2nd out of 15 in my category (Female 30-39).

The half marathon was a lot harder. People who finished looked like there were going to keel over. D's time was 2:09:37.0 hours = 9:54 min/mile. According to the official 2003 half marathon results, D came in 209 out of 442 overall, and 25 out of 34 in his category (Male 30-34).

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